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Amenities & Other Household Products



  • After careful and extensive research, Barrengarry Hideaway chose the Naturals range of luxurious amenities for their guests. The range was chosen for its alignment to our goals at Barrengarry Hideaway which are to be inspired by nature, and convey the feeling of a natural lifestyle and ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of life)!
  • The Naturals range of products not only look and smell divine, but are produced from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, and are packaged in 100% recyclable and sustainably produced packaging.
  • The Natural formulation and bio-extracts in each product:
    • Protect the skin and are therefore well-suited for sensitive guests
    • Contain a skin friendly pH-Value
    • Do not contain any synthetic colourants therefore minimising the risk of allergic reactions
    • Are free from parabens, silicone or formaldehyde releasers
    • Do not contain paraffines, mineral oils or other petroleum products
    • Are alcohol, DEA and TEA free
    • Have not been tested on animals
  • The high quality ingredients in the Naturals range are Bio-seal certified as coming from renewable, natural resources with essential oils and extracts obtained from controlled organic cultivation, guaranteeing a maximum level of security and high quality.
  • The packaging of the Naturals range include bottle colouring to protect the ingredients and block out UV-radiation, aluminium caps with integrated sealing, guaranteeing 100% hygiene & safety, and are made from 100% recycled PET and are fully recyclable. Labelling is also printed using soy based inks.
  • Eco sensitive and non-chemical cleaning agents are used throughout the house
  • All paper products (toilet paper, kitchen paper towel, serviettes, tissues etc) are made from recycled paper products, and are biodegradable. All products used in the house have either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certification.
  • Even our bin liner bags are completely biodegradable!